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Board Members

President Michael Watson  michael@mwatsonmusic.com
President-Elect Cassandra Herold  cassandraherold@yahoo.com
Past-President Jim Bartsch  jimbartsch@hotmail.com
Secretary Becky Plachy  beckyplachy@gmail.com
Treasurer Jesse Kellermann  MNSOTAtreasurer@gmail.com
Journal Editor Faith Farr  faith@farrpublications.com
Membership Coordinator Cindy Johnson  MNSOTAmembership@gmail.com
Mentorship AdviserMichael Watsonmichael@mwatsonmusic.com
Chamber Music Chair Ray Shows ray@artaria.us
Eclectic Styles Chair Cristina Seaborn  cristina.seaborn7@gmail.com 
Member EmeritusDeborah Sittko dsittko@gmail.com

Contact a board member to confirm the date and place of our quarterly board meetings.
All members are always welcome.

Election of the President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer take place in the spring of even-numbered years. Nominations are accepted in the fall of odd-numbered years. Contact a Board Member to volunteer yourself or nominate someone else. Other Board Members are appointed.