(updated 8/27/2022)

Members of the Minnesota String and Orchestra Teachers Association (MNSOTA) are members of the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) who reside in Minnesota. ASTA maintains a continuous membership plan. You must renew your national membership every year to remain on the MNSOTA mailing list. Members are notified by mail from the national office when their annual membership is due.

Download the membership form below, or go to the National ASTA website ( to find out more about how to join ASTA or renew your membership. Also, below is a list of membership benefits, including instrument and personal insurance.

Member Address Changes — Directory Updates

Whenever your address, email or other contact information changes, you must inform BOTH the national ASTA office AND our MNSOTA Membership Coordinator Emily Heuschele Contact us by June 30 to verify your listing in the August Handbook & Directory.

New Student Members — Student Membership Subsidy

Apply any time

In order to encourage new student members, MNSOTA will pay 50% of the first year student dues for new members. Students should send to the MNSOTA Treasurer:

  • their completed ASTA application form

  • copy of their student ID

  • check for half the dues made out to MNSOTA

The Treasurer will send payment for the full amount to ASTA.

Additionally, if you prefer to pay ASTA dues online by credit card, you can send confirmation email of your payment, and be reimbursed by MNSOTA for 50% of the first year student dues.

The MNSOTA Treasurer is:
Cassandra Herold
5428 44th Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55417