(updated 8/27/2022)

Board Elections take place every two years, in the spring of even numbered years.

You can nominate yourself or someone else by filling out the form below, or contacting a Board Member.

MNSOTA holds elections in the spring of even numbered years for President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer. The President-Elect serves 6 years — two years as President-Elect, two years as President and two years as Past-President. The Secretary and Treasurer serve for two years. Rules for the election are set by our National board and are summarized in the MNSOTA Bylaws. Elected terms of office begin on May 15.

In addition to the elected officers, additional board members appointed by the President include:

  • Journal Editor

  • Membership Coordinator

  • Collegiate Chair & Mentorship Coordinator

  • Chamber Music Chair

  • Eclectic Styles Chair

  • Member at Large

MNSOTA seeks to have a broad representation on the board. We want to include different geographic areas, all our main teaching areas — pre-college studio teaching, school teaching and college teaching, as well as performing and conducting.

The MNSOTA board is an active, working board. Members take a variety of responsibilities for the many activities that MNSOTA sponsors. Board member duties include:

  • Attend/lead/record quarterly board meetings.

  • Coordinate one or more MNSOTA events each year and help when needed with other events.

  • Fulfill your job description from the Board Handbook (ask Faith Farr, String Notes editor, to send you a copy if you need details: faith@farrpublications.com).

  • For President: be present at all events or find a substitute board member when you are not available.

  • Take initiative to ensure growth in string education in Minnesota

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for the Board, contact any Board member. The Board also welcomes anyone who would like to volunteer to assist at any of our events: please fill out the Talent Search form.