Subsidies and Honoraria

(updated 8/27/2022)

Student Member Subsidy

The MNSOTA board has passed a resolution to make our teacher training events free to student members. Currently those events are the All-State Teachers Workshop and the Fall Clinic.

To encourage new student members, MNSOTA will pay 50% of the first year student dues for new members. Students can join ASTA online at and then send a copy of the payment receipt to the MNSOTA Treasurer, who will refund half the dues. Students who prefer to pay by check can send their completed ASTA application form, a copy of their student ID, and a check for half the dues made out to ASTA to the Treasurer, who will send payment for the full amount to ASTA.

More information is on our ASTA Membership page.

Student and Teacher Honoraria

MNSOTA gives $150 honorarium to members who are selected to make a presentation at the National ASTA Conference, and who are not otherwise compensated for their presentation. No receipts are required by MNSOTA; for tax purposes, recipients should consider this as income. Support must be requested in writing to the MNSOTA treasurer by May 15 of the fiscal year of the national event.

Download the form below to apply for an honorarium.