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Fall Clinic and Awards
Fall Clinic and Awards
Oct 19, 2023, 8:00 AM
University of Northwestern - St. Paul


The Fall Clinic and Awards is a half day event, allowing educators and musicians a space to collaborate, connect, learn, as well as honor those who go above and beyond in our field. Mary Sorlie and Ingrid Koeller will be leading a session on warm-ups for beginning orchestra, and Kirk D. Moss is joining us as well; don't miss it!


One Minute Warmups 

Setting up orchestra students for success begins with solid fundamentals and excellent technique. Adding fun to this foundation can only enhance students’ learning. Each One Minute Warmup focuses on one specific foundational skill. These short, but focused warmups bring an element of fun while teaching the musical skills needed to play a stringed instrument. 


One Minute Warmups cover a wide range of topics. For example, posture, rhythm, dynamics, modes, left and right hand skills, and ensemble playing. Pick and choose the warmups as needed. These warmups are meant to be used a la carte, depending on what your goals are for each rehearsal. We hope that students and teachers enjoy these warmups as a way to add fun and build a beautiful orchestra. 


Teaching String Techniques Has Never Been So Easy

Gain ideas how to improve the sound of your middle or high school string students or ensemble through the use of exercises that develop and expand technique. See how a solid foundation of string technique can reduce student frustration, increase motivation, and contribute to growth and musical enjoyment. Bring an instrument for this action-packed session, and play along!


$10 for MNSOTA members

$20 for non-members

You may pay via registration, or pay at the door.


This event takes place at the Totino Fine Arts Center in room  F1360, instrumental rehearsal room.


For any questions, please contact Chris Jannings.

2023 Winners

Master Teacher: Orchestra

Sarah Finn-Sommerfeld


Master Teacher: Studio

Carolyn Liptak


Meritorious Orchestra Program

Owatonna Public Schools


Community Service Award

Schmitt Music Co. 

Award winners will be honored at a short ceremony at the conclusion of the clinic.

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