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2023 Award Nominations

To nominate a person or program, complete and submit a form.

The deadline for nominations is September 15th, 2023. Winners will be announced following the fall Board meeting. 

MNSOTA seeks to honor educators and organizations that have made a significant contribution to string music in Minnesota.


The Master Teacher: Studio award is presented to a meritorious teacher from a private lesson studio or college.

The Master Teacher: School Orchestra award is presented to a meritorious teacher from a school program.

The Meritorious Orchestra Program award is a general award given to an entire school district's orchestra program or to a youth orchestra program or to a college or university orchestra program.

The Community Service award recognizes other individuals and organizations who have made significant contributions to string education in the state.

Nomination Rules

  • nominations must show evidence of the person's or organization's outstanding contributions.

  • nominees for MT: Studio and MT: School Orchestra must be MNSOTA members or be willing to become MNSOTA members to accept the award. At least one teachers in the Meritorious Orchestra program must be a MNSOTA member or willing to become a member.

  • Elected officers of the MNSOTA board are not eligible to receive awards.

  • Thanks for submitting!

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