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Members of the Minnesota String and Orchestra Teachers Association (MNSOTA) are members of the American String Teachers Association (ASTA) who reside in Minnesota, or work in Minnesota and request to be a member. ASTA maintains a continuous membership plan. You must renew your national membership every year to remain on the MNSOTA mailing list. Members are notified by mail from the national office when their annual membership is due.

Click the link to the left and head to the National ASTA website to find out more about how to join ASTA or renew your membership. Also, explore the list of membership benefits, including instrument and personal insurance.

WI, ND & NE Reminder—When you renew your membership, ASTA makes you a member of the state where you live. If you want to be a MNSOTA member, you must request it from National every time you renew.

Current Members


To make sure that you are receiving all updates and stay current with MNSOTA events, please make sure you update your membership information through the link.

Student Members

MNSOTA will pay 50% of the first year student dues for new members.

Complete your membership via ASTA and send your payment confirmation email to our treasurer for 50% reimbursement of your first year student dues.​

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