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Our Commitment: Inclusion, Access, and Achievement for All Students

We acknowledge the structural racism inherent in our institutions and the resulting oppression of our students, friends, and neighbors. For too long, we have perpetuated injustice through complacency and silence. Despite initiatives at the state and national level to provide more equitable access, BIPOC remains underrepresented at every level of string playing and teaching. We need to do a better job of providing culturally relevant opportunities for all students in our communities and carefully consider our curriculum choices.

MNSOTA is committed to making meaningful changes to address the inequities in our string community through:


  • Elevating eclectic string traditions (mariachi, hip-hop, fiddle, jazz, etc.)

  • Supporting the creation and programming of culturally diverse concert literature composed by people of color and other marginalized populations

  • Providing equitable access to state level events for our entire string community

  • Promoting professional development centered around courageous conversations about race, inequity, and trauma

  • Diversifying leadership on the MNSOTA board and committees

MNSOTA remains committed to providing accessible and culturally relevant opportunities for string playing. We need all our members to stand together to end racism through thoughtful and purposeful changes in our classrooms, studios, and everyday lives.

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