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Middle Level All-State Orchestra


Have any questions or comments for this event? Contact Brian Cole.

Deadline/Application Cost

Application window will be open from October 13 - November 3, 2023

Audition and application through GetAcceptd is due November 3rd by 9:00 pm.

Audition Fee: $40.00

Chosen student participation fee: $80.00


All students must be string players in grades 7 through 9 during the 2023-2024 school year.

A student participating in the Middle Level All-State Orchestra must be enrolled in their school orchestra, if one exists. They must be enrolled in and a member in good standing from the time of the audition through the following February rehearsals and performance in order to be eligible for participation in the ensemble.

Participation is limited to those students whose sponsoring teacher is a current member in good standing of both MNSOTA/ASTA and MMEA/NAfME at the time of the student’s audition and continues to be a member of both MNSOTA and MMEA through the February rehearsal and performance period. The sponsoring teacher must be currently teaching the student at the time of the student’s audition, and must continue as a teacher for that student through the February rehearsal and performance period. Examples of sponsoring teachers are school ensemble directors, studio teachers/instructors for private lessons, and individuals conducting a community youth ensemble. 

General Information

Student members will be chosen by score, with ties going to students in rural areas with fewer opportunities than those in the metro area.

Teachers and students will receive practice copies of music by email. Students will receive performance parts, generously donated by Schmitt Music, at the first rehearsal.

All chosen students must attend all scheduled rehearsals and activities. A participation fee of $80.00 per student will cover all expenses of the rehearsals and performance including the cost of two meals.

Guardians will be responsible for transportation, lodging and supervision when the students are not in rehearsal or performance.

Lucas Shogren's headshot.


Lucas Shogren is a multifaceted musician whose style and energy has been sought after across the United States. He is currently the Orchestra Director at Mounds View High School in Arden Hills, Minnesota, where he teaches over 250 students in 6 different ensembles.

In 2022, he was appointed as the conductor for the Repertory Orchestra with Minnesota Youth Symphonies. Shogren has been a guest clinician and conductor for several national and state level festivals and conferences. In 2019, he was the recipient of The Master Teacher: School Orchestra Award from the Minnesota String & Orchestra Teachers Association.

Mr. Shogren received a Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance degree and a Bachelor of Music in Music Education degree from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and a Master of Music - Conducting Specialization degree from Colorado State University.

Two octave D major scale, with the rhythm as quarter note followed by eighth notes throughout each 4/4 measure.
Online Audition Process

Upload the student’s recording files, payment and contact information.

  • Either the student/guardian OR the sponsoring teacher/director can complete the application. MNSOTA recommends that an adult take this responsibility.


How to check on the status of your application:

  • If the Status is Continue some application information, upload files, or payment are still incomplete.

  • If the Status is Submitted, all applications materials are complete.


If your student is accepted into the MLAO there is one final step: All emails entered into the GetAcceptd application will receive a link for the student’s school principal (or homeschool equivalent) to fill out. The principal’s digital signature is required for all students participating in the event. The principal will only sign if the student is in good standing with the school. No student will be allowed to attend the event if their principal’s digital signature is missing.

Audition and Upload Requirements
  • Students/guardians OR sponsoring teachers/directors may complete the necessary application information and upload the audition files using the GetAcceptd website. All personal information entered into GetAcceptd will be hidden from the judges to allow for anonymous judging.

  • Each student must upload four separate audio files into his/her Acceptd user profile. Each file should be named according to the title of the submission (e.g. “G major scale” or “Vivaldi Concerto”). Please do not include any information that could identify the applicant in file names.

  • A metronome must not be used during any recording. Audition scores will be docked points for incorrect rhythm or slow tempo of scales.

  • All scales are to be played two octaves ascending and descending at q = 80 (or faster) with the rhythm:

File 1

The specified major scale below, recorded without metronome and with the tempo and rhythm above.


Violin: D Major

Viola: G Major

Cello: G Major

Bass: G Major

File 2

The specified minor scale below, recorded without metronome and with the tempo and rhythm above.


Violin: E Melodic Minor

Viola: A Melodic Minor

Cello: A Melodic Minor

Bass: E Melodic Minor

File 3

The specified excerpt below, recorded without accompaniment.


Violin: Third movement of Concerto in A Minor by Vivaldi (Suzuki, Vol. 4), beginning to beat 1 of measure 50

Viola: First movement of Concerto No. 5 by F. Seitz (Suzuki, Vol. 4), first 45 measures, not counting piano intro

Cello: La Cinquantaine (Suzuki, Vol. 3), measures 17–40

Bass: Introduction and Dance by L. Scarmolin (Ludwig), measures   9–51

File 4

A short piece, excerpt or etude of own choosing not to exceed 2 minutes in length. This selection must be recorded without accompaniment, and must be of equivalent or greater difficulty to the required piece. Pop tunes and novelty pieces are not appropriate. Please indicate the title of your choice piece in the file name using composer last name and piece title.

Event Cancellation/Refund Policy

Since events cannot be rescheduled, during normal times MNSOTA is committed to holding all events as planned and will cancel an event only in cases of a safety emergency (e.g. road conditions/weather), based on state advisories. If an event is cancelled, participant fees paid to an outside organization such as GetAccptd cannot be refunded. However, at the discretion of the board, a partial refund of participant fees paid to MNSOTA may be considered after expenses have been paid.

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